14 January, 2012


In the words of the Dukes of Hazard (or so I am led to believe), "I love it when a plan comes together!".

We are very fortunate to have some wonderful friends here in the US; friends who are like family to us. Jon, who is turning 40 in a few weeks, and his wife Nicola. Matt used to play rugby with Jon when we lived in Singapore, and it is they who introduced us to Vermont, and skiing.

I wanted to give Jon something special for his 40th birthday, and came up with the idea of a big, textural Scottish flag (they are scottish). I sorta kinda had an idea in my head. Actually I had a few idea to play around with, but I wanted the finished painting to be big, bold and really textural, and I think I have accomplished that.

They have plans for expanding their Brooklyn apartment (they bought the apartment upstairs a year ago and are still waiting to get everything past city hall), and I can just see this on their wall....somewhere, when the walls are finished.

Very happy with how this turned out. Playing around with new gel mediums to get a layering of texture. That was all a bit scary to begin with, as I haven't really used them before, but I do love to paint with a palette knife. It's big- 3'x5', but as is usual for me, I now want to do another one....but bigger!

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  1. Very bold - reminds me of The Blue Horse. Hope it gives as much pleasure.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. cool cool cool, I bet he will LOVE it!


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