14 January, 2012

Studio tour

One day I would like to have a beautiful studio. A studio with lots of natural light, with actual electric light, with heat, with lots of storage with pretty storage boxes and containers, with a sink (!), and much more.

But for now I am truely grateful to have my own space to spread out. My main problem is that I like working in so many different mediums and I hate to throw away anything that I know I may use one day. Which all = lots of stuff crammed into a small space. I have mismatched furniture, lots of shoe boxes and cupboards which a are full of all the things that need to be crammed away.

My other (guilty) admission is that I am a really messy worker. I love to pull everything out; surround myself with what I am working on....the problem being that I am lucky to complete one thing before I start another. At the end of a project(s) my studio tends to look like a storm has happened in there.

But I do like to start with a clean slate, so to speak, and enjoy having my studio, however briefly with everything in its place. So, I thought I would share my clean studio before it slips back into chaos (been working up there all day, and already things are starting to slip).

A little vignette with butterfly, cicada wing and robin's egg (all usually packed carefully away) with my dog lamp (can you guess where he came from?) in the background.

My little woodland gang awaiting adoption...

Some work from over the years

Some ideas and notes

My sewing/cutting area

Fabric piles (there's more in another cupboard...all little scraps that I like to use up)

This corner shows how I stock pile...a bag of leather scraps, a bag of paper scraps, 2 boxes of fabric scraps, two boxes of papermaking supplies, and that whole cupboard is filled filled with frames and prints from the house in VT which I paint over.

My desk...print making supplies, painting supplies, more fabric and paper scarps, craft books, papers, jewellery making supplies etc

My lovely little tape collection.... ( thanks chels!)

A door handle I bought years ago

So there you go. Working on a big canvas for a friend's birthday present right now...will share later.

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  1. Good to see Philippe and Wirksworth balcony detail again.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Well I am somewhat amazed, I thought I collected stuff in the garage wherever but nowhere near as much as all that...good fun

  3. ohhh its so wonderfully full, I love it! And love what you create... and we love our tape!!!!


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