16 January, 2012

Clearing the dance floor

I realised that I still had a few photos of the kids dancing from last week...

Kit and Ella at their jazz/hip hop class. This one has been a bit of a change of pace for them both this year, but it's a fun class. It actually reminded me of when I used to do jazzercise and I really wanted to join in!

Ella, but not Kit, also does a jazz ballet class which she loves.

I always love to get photos of her long hair...

There was another ballet class that they do together, but I had to go and pick the boys up from wrestling practice, so I didn't get any photos.
A week off from classes this week, and thn Ella starts her pointe class.
And now no more dance photos until spring concert.....

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  1. oooo I could go a good dance right now. One day...
    Maggie XXXX


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