23 December, 2011

Dreaming of a white christmas

Yesterday, in Connecticut, we sat out on the veranda to eat our lunch in the sunshine. Last night, driving up to Vermont, there was not a touch of white to be seen and it was so mild. Visions of a Christmas in VT with "no snooooow" (as in the movie White Christmas) came into my head. But as we went to bed, a light rain began to fall, and this morning the world is white and snow is still falling. With temperatures set to drop over the next few days, it looks like we will, after all, have a white Christmas. Which is good as I have friends coming to stay after Christmas from Dubai, and I promised them snow. I do love a northern hemisphere Christmas.

On the adgenda the next few days: Gingerbread house decorating with the girls next door, some last minute food shopping and present wrapping, cooking, catching up with friends- including meeting the new little twins that were born a few weeks ago, and hanging out with our lovely neighbours, of course. Let the happy season begin!

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  1. Merry Snowy Christmas!! Sounds wonderful. Keep us posted...
    Maggie XXXX

  2. It all sounds totally perfect and I wish I was there. Give my love and Christmas greetings to the Sweeneys, say hi & congrats to Hendrik and Estelle. How exciting!! You all deserve a wonderful time after the year you've had. Love & hugs to all. It's hot, hot and sunny here today and I'm packing up for our camping/walking trip into Freycinet on boxing day as soon as Ken flies in. We've had to sacrifice some of the wine for drinking water. Another world, but lovely as I'm having Christmas Eve dinner tonight with Amy and the kids, her borther and sister, then lunch tomorrow with Peg, Bishwa and Mischi mum xxxxxxx


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