24 December, 2011

Chistmasing so far

Snow...mostly gone already, although temps are supposed to stay below freezing

Aebleskiver for breakfast yesterday to kick things off.

Our stash of chistmas goodies (mum, they had 50% off at the VT country store for xmas food last time Ella and I were up).

The decorating of the gingerbread house. A swedish kit, which had a method of melting icing sugar to join the house together....worked brilliantly, but I got a tiny drop of molten sugar on my finger...arg!

Soi left the decorating to the kids. Ella, and Oscar thoughtful and meticulous...Kit and Remi standing back and literally throwing things on.

But some how they managed to work together. Rem and Osc are preparing their phones for photos to upload to facebook.

I left them to it and went next door for a while....

And came home to this masterpiece. Complete with a path, wall, tree, bushes, yeti?, and some Harry Potter lego figures.

We watched White Christmas last night (well, I fell asleep). Can't believe it's Christmas eve already. Santa may have already come to everyone in Australia! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. May all your wishes come true.

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