19 December, 2011

A busy weekend

There was nutcrackering for Kit;  dress rehearsals on Friday night, 2 performances on both Saturday and Sunday.

There was snowglobe making (including making the polymer clay figure ) - this is Ella's little mouse king.

And cup cake decorating- fun little monster cup cakes.

 wrestling medals to win (3rd place)

11 year old birthdays to celebrate (always exactly a week before Christmas)

 With Ella's best friend who knows her so well that she gave her a hermit crab for her birthday.  It's been so cold the last few days (so cold that we abandoned our plan trip to NYC for Ella's birthday) that we've been having trouble keeping "Herman" warm - we resorted to a hot water bottle under his tank last night.

And of course, a birthday dinner with cupcake eating and happy birthday singing made all the more fun by the wearing of Remi's trippy glasses...

 so, what's yhe attraction with the glasses?  This is the Christmas tree before glasses

And this is it with the glasses.

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  1. It all looks fantastic. Where did the Hermit Crab come from in the middle of winter? What an exciting present. mum xx


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