03 December, 2011

And just when I thought I was done

 I discovered I wasn't. 
I also made two more foxes, but sold one to a friend who came for a sticky beak at what I'd been doing as she couldn't come to the fair.


  1. They are divine!!! I know the market is on today so just want to say Sell! Sell! Sell! but also share, educate, inspire - all those things you do so well all the time.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. You are so inspired! I reckon if anything is left over (and I doubt it) you could invite locals to your house for a Christmas selling party of your own. Good luck with it! mum xxx

  3. I really hope you have a big day, mind you I do know art/craft is not easy to sell regardeless of how good it is...unfortunately therE are just too many of us out there, but yours is particularly wonderful.
    Dad, mais not en francais nes't pas


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