05 December, 2011

My very cramped little space at the fair.  I was in a strange position, not in the main area, in a corner, in a corridor that was often blocked by people.  Not that it was a great fair anyway, but I am so pleased to have one under my belt.  The good news is I now have lots of products to add to my etsy store, so stay tuned to updates this week.  I'm not sure I still have time to post international orders before Christmas, but I can definitely get out orders in the US.


  1. looks amazing, and yes there is that thing about getting a good spot,may be a bit tricky for a first timer...when is the next one? surely there must be an equvalent to Salamanca in some of those cute little towns, or even better (given my experiernce of selling in cute little towns) medium size cities, practice before opening your own shop in Soho...looks like you have enough stuff for your own shop.

  2. Oh, it does look a bit cramped, but think of all the items you have ready made for sales!!

    What were the things that sold best?

    mum xx

  3. awesome George! Sooo much work, you should be so proud. So how did you go?


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