22 October, 2011

Two new listings

 We're heading off for the weekend for one of our last few visits to our VT house for the year.  Kit is committed to do the Nutcracker again this year and with portfolio day college visits  for Oscar, it means we can really only make it up as a family on Thanksgiving and Christmas- and this weekend.  The sacrifices we make...
Any hoo, before we go,  I thought I'd share my finished fox.  He has penetrating eyes and a big bushy tail, and some how he reminds me of Lily our cat, although he probably looks more like Honey our dog.
 Both he and his friend the ferret have been listed  in my etsy shop.
Have a lovely weekend!

1 comment:

  1. That's so beautiful, hope you can find somewhere to sell them, Say hi to Steve and Heather, and happy apple juicing!

    mum xxx


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