26 October, 2011

Some things

We have 1 more weekend until daylight savings ends.  It always seems to end so late to me.  I get up in the pitch dark at 6am and it's so hard.  Although occasionally catching a sun rise like this makes it sort of worth it.

See the lovely destruction down the end of the yard?  That's our land lord "repairing the sea wall" (aka preparing the property for building more houses).  Of course, he's using the finest workmen (NOT) who only come on SATURDAY to do the work.  So far, we've managed to mostly miss them as we've gone away, but now we will have to put up with it all. 
 And I had been wanting to post about my favourite Halloween decorations.  I made some a few years ago, but didn't save the link to the templates.  But I recently found it here.
 I love these because they cast the most fantastic shadows on the walls.  We mocked up some templates from our others a few weeks ago because Ella had a friend around and we made some for her to take home, and I just put the templates up as well, because they are rather time consuming to cut out!
But such fun.  So, if you haven't done much else for Halloween (which we haven't this year), you can whip up a few of these over the weekend.

As for the kids...fairly low effort costumes this year.  Ella and a Doctor Who loving friend (I know! She is so lucky to have a fellow Who fan friend) are going as The Doctor and Amy Pond.  I got some orange hair spray yesterday (couldn't find red and Ella's not quite brave enough for a semi permanent colour) for Ella's hair and she already has the legs!  A fairly easy costume although I'm not sure how many people will have a clue Who (get it?!) she is.  Kit is trying to decide between a hobo (which should entail him just wearing his normal clothes- no, really) or a rasta (we already have the hat with dreadlocks) or jean claude van dam, although I think the latter is a bit of wishful thinking.
Not sure about the older two, no doubt they will find something to do/be.  I miss the days of Matt's firm's Halloween party in NYC where the kids would all dress up and even some of the adults.  My heart's not really in it this year...

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