21 October, 2011

Completed:::Working on

 The black footed ferret is completed.  As he's an endangered species, I couldn't find any photos of his back, so a bit of artistic license was used for his markings.
 Sorry about the crappy photos- I wanted to go outside, but it is way too windy.  So a hang from the lamp for a quick snap is all you get today.
 And my next victim is this little fox.  Actually I shouldn't say little as I noticed that the last 5 animals I have prepared (I have 3 more blanks ready to go) have all got larger.


  1. Like the fox, I am sure there are lots of photos of Kelpie and even red and blue heelers that would look particulasly beautiful done like that.
    Dr Siss from Dad's dinky (that's why it said it was Dad commenting)

  2. Absolutely love the ferret.Not a nasty little creature at all.

  3. I want the fox and the ferret!


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