29 October, 2011


This is the weather forecast for the weekend.  Seriously?  Snow in October?  They are talking winds and snows and rain and power outages?????  And I have to drive to Hartford today for Oscar's first portfolio day visit.  Grr.  The biggest bummer is that, in my mind, getting to Hartford is half way to VT (time wise is usually is, although it is the shorter milage part of the trip).  I'll be so tempted to just keep going, especially as they are expected to get 5-8 inches of snow up there....but we will have a friend of Oscar's in the car....


  1. Don't worry, if your lucky[?] there may be some snow later in the year. When are we going to get to see Oscar's portfolio?

  2. i am glad i live where i live...i can appreciate the wild nature of a storm and the beauty of the snow ...but give me the wide brown land of Dwn Under any day thank you...good luck and safe trip...

  3. and good luck getting your portfolio ready Osc. That's awesome they have days where you cant go to get help with it etc


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