28 October, 2011

let sleeping foxes lie

In Norway, the tricksy fox in the fairy tales (kind of the equivalent of the big bad wolf) is called Mikkel Rev.  And this is who this fox apparently wanted to be.  I worked on his face for hours and hours, but no matter how many times I redid his eyes, he wanted to be a little bit of a wicked fox.  A fox saying leave me alone so I can curl up tight in a ball and go to sleep. (It's hard to take photos because the day is so dark and I can't find my tripod and the flash reflects too much.)


  1. very art school comment at the end...looks like he may have a bit if Hoovy in him.

  2. He doesn't look too scarey, just 'leave me alone' look

    mum xxx

  3. He looks perfect for a Norwegian fairy tale!

  4. they make me smile these creatures of yours... love love love them xxx


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