30 October, 2011

And snow it did

I will try and get out and take some photos today while there is still snow on the ground.

It was a long long drive back from Hartford. What should have taken about 1 hr 40 min took closer to 3hr 30 min and was a pretty difficult drive. All the way I was thankful of the all weather tires that we didn't have the money to take off the car in the summer. All the way.

We didn't loose power, although 30% of the town is supposed to be without and 40 roads were closed this morning, but we did lose Internet.

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  1. I was wondering when I heard the news but didin't think you were going to Vermont this weekend. Heard that a man was killed in Springfield Mass. love mum xx

  2. thats a a lot for October! I remember having snow a few Halloweens up in Ithaca... brrrrr. How I wish I was there, trick or treating with the kids. I feel its going to slip by this yr and the kids will be disappointed x

  3. Facinating how everything shuts down with a little snow! And how every snowfall is labeled "storm". How do we survive in Norway? It is pretty strange though.. We have sunshine and nice mild weather here up north :)

  4. Happy Halloween to you all!! It's probably a bit chilly & snowy for trick and treating. mum xx


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