01 November, 2011

Sunday Morning::: Monday Afternoon

 Sunday Morning
Monday Afternoon

I was feeling really guilty that we hadn't carved pumpkins this year, but when $$ is tight, it does seem like an indulgence to buy those pumpkins. So some free printables of the ol' internet, some glass jars and candles etc lying around and some food colouring and we at least have a little halloween display- complete with mini jack o lanterns (aka clementines with sharpie faces).  I will have to try and pick up some cheap "candy"- we rarely get people coming down our lane, but if I don't get anything, then we are sure to have visitors.

The snow is melting- lots of drip dripping all day.  I'm thankful that we have electricity and heat (although only downstairs as upstairs needs to be fixed).  The kids had a delayed start today as they were still clearing branches off the roads.  I have to get up to our mail box and take a photo- the tree up there split in half.  Wet snow is heavy snow and so many branches and power lines came down.  The kids are tweeking their halloween costumes to make sure they will be warm enough.

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  1. snow for you and sun for us...i know which one i would rather have...
    Happy Halloween to you all...love the jars and the jackolantens ....


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