05 August, 2011

Summering on

We've come back down south, after two glorious weeks up in Vermont.  And while I didn't take my camera with me as often as I should of, I have a few photos to share.

We introduced Grandma to S'mores.
 First there was the making of a perfect marshmallow roasting stick.  Fortunately the boys had trimmed the tree out the front of the house, so there was lots of green wood.
 Grandma seemed to enjoy them....
 Remi and Ella were showing me their "fat" bellies after having so many s'mores.

We stayed outside for as long as we could stand the bugs, playing with fire lit sticks and long exposures.

 And we also took Grandma around a bit, tested yummy icecreams, went to little quaint towns, shopping,  blueberry picking.   Not enough, for sure, but my goal this summer was to paint all of the house.  And with 2 lots of surgery in June/July, I've not come anywhere near that goal.  Besides, I really didn't realise how much work I had to do to the woodwork before I even got to the painting stage.  But with only 24 days until the kids go back to school, I was determined to get as much done to the front of the house as possible.  I haven't started on that middle dormer window (and there are 4 more of those to do), and the ladder I've been using won't reach all the way up to the very top trim, but the front of the house is finished...more or less.
 That's our wonderful, gorgeous, generous neighbours there.  Part of what we love about being up there is seeing them.  And the house in the background- the only photo I quickly snapped as we were leaving.
And a photo of all of us, just before hit the road.  It's good to be back down here, with Matt, resting my very sore shoulders, but already I miss my house and want to get back up there.  But Grandma leaves on Monday, and we're planning a day in the city with her tomorrow.

And the before photos of the front of the house....(there are some things I can only do on my real computer)


  1. I'm glad that grandma has had a lovely time in the Vermont countryside and the house lo0oks fabulous, especially now we can see the before and after shots! I'll ring Kit for his birthday.
    mum xx

  2. oh my the house looks fabulous yes! well done! Grandma will miss wearing flip flops..... we made smoores last night for dessert!


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