07 August, 2011

A day in NYC

I love the buildings.
I love the reflections...
 The total over the top-ness.  This is the M&M store which is branding gone berserk!  Everything you can possibly think of with M&M branding on top.
 Not to mention plenty of chocolate which smelled slightly strange, was overpriced, but pretty.
 We stopped for some very cheap pizza.
 Some delicious croissants from Bouchon in the Time Warner center on Columbus circle.
 A detour through central park- the Wollman rink in summer...
 Some very sweet Central Park sparrows
 Some rock climbing, of course.
 Grandma got her wish of going to Tiffany's.
 More reflections and a chinese horse.
 Ella fell in love with this kitty in the window.  She named it "Spaghetti".

 And then...and then we went to a little place called "Alice's Tea Cup".  Our lovely neighbour's (who I mentioned last post) daughter works there and we went in to have a fuss made of Kit for his birthday which is next week.  Kit got some wings...
 And we all got glittery fairy dust from Hayley too.

 Only the lovely miss Hayley could get away with sprinkling glitter on my teenage boys.  She has all the kids wrapped around her little finger.
 Speaking of little fingers...Remi has tea drinking down to a fine art.

 And after stuffing ourselves with yummy scones and tea, Kit got a little happy birthday cup cake too.
 We left Osc and Rem in the city to go to see a comedy show with Hayley, while the rest of us were quite happy to come home after a big day in the city.

And one last photo- a little t-shirt I whipped up for Ella yesterday.  She saw an old bag that I had with Miffy on it and demanded a Miffy T-shirt (we were making some other t-shirts too, but this is her favourite).  Now we have to sing the song all the time.


  1. love it that cuzzies are doing the same thing across the seas... making cute shirts!

  2. New York of course,...but where the comments photos from the trip to Metropolitan Museum (Richard Serra)?...you have to help your Dad with his homework...
    lovely...Vermont may be great, sort of Tassie a long way away, but I still feel as though you are there for the city...
    an artist on his wife's computer

  3. i belive it that Grandma has actually been there with you guys now.... you all look like you have been having so much fun...

  4. Ah yes, but Chels, mine are all sewn on ones. But this is funnily enough, her favourite. Ella has become so clothes conscious as she's about to start middle school.

  5. I LOVE NYC, show us more! Seriously, the photos are great and what a lovely birthday outing for Kit - perhaps I'll go there for my birthday as well!!! It's great to see the sun is shining somewhere in the world! mumxx


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