29 July, 2011

Work in progress

We've spent weeks working on just the front portion of the house: scraping back paint, pulling out old caulking, and often with it chunks of rotten wood which then have to be replaced or rebuilt using my magic wonder product ( see previous posts), then sanding priming and painting.

My big boys help a bit...Oscar doesn't like getting up the ladder, but he's good at moving it and holding it for me. Remi will climb anything, so he'll tag in for me for a while.

I actually haven't even finished preparing everything to be painted yet, but my shoulders were so sore from holding power tools above my head for days, that I needed a break...and well, painting is the fun part and it keeps my spirits up.

I've tried all morning to copy some "before" photos from my flickr "Vermont house" album directly into this post, but from my iPad, how to do this escapes me. Instead, you will have to go and have a look on flickr if you are interested. You can see the previous house colour in this photo...kind of a pinky brown. Really yuk!

I may have had a paint can falling from the top of the ladder incident, so it looks like I will have to paint all the foundations the same " French grey"...

but when our realtor (who helped us buy this house and is now a neighbor and friend) stops by twice in one day to watch the progress and tells you how much she loves the colours and what an asset you are to the neighbourhood, you know you are doing something right!


  1. great work...but why does the realtor take interest in a house that does not appear to be for sale?

  2. and a bit more...perhaps you should convince Oscar that high painting on ladders is really good line-up (or whatever it is called, that rugger thing) practice.

  3. Dad, the neighbour's ladder which we are using is safe only to 200 lbs....have you seen the size of the boy!? And our realtor is the one who sold this house to us, and to the people before us, and she lives up the road...it was her pond we went swimming in the other day.

  4. It looks really beautiful Georgia, well done. How lovely that the real estate woman has become a friend and lives close by. That pond of hers looks gorgeous.

    I'm not sure about climbing ladders in bare feet though. Maybe you feel like there's more grip? I presume that was you and not Re mi as the toe-nails look painted!

    mum xxx

  5. No mum, that was Remi with his scungy toenails....I always wear shoes.

  6. looking so GOOD Georgia.... well done to all of you ...the helpers included.... love it when they help...who was responsible for the paint can mishap????


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