10 August, 2011

oh the indignity!

I finally got sick of picking up the great huge clumps of 
dog hair that constantly litter our floor.  I got sick of the matts of dreadlocked dog hair behind her ears and legs and underarms and tail.  For some reason, this year, Honey has taken forever to malt her winter undercoat that she grows.  I got out the scissors and was trimming.  Oscar was holding her down for me. It's got beyond brushing as there are too many clumps of matted hair.  The buzzer that I use for cutting all the boys' hair was right next to Oscar and he thought it would be a good idea to shave her a bit....
Then Remi came and Matt, and before Honey knew what had hit her, she had a tail like a rat and hardly any hair.

Then to add to it all, the boys decided to bath her because, in all honesty, she stank.  Oh the indignity!

Poor puppy!  We call her our little lion dog now because she looks so weird.  Her beautiful full and luscious tail is just a....sigh....  I can't get used to her.  Fortunately, she seems really happy and trots around everywhere looking very pleased with herself.  No doubt feeling much lighter and cooler.  She'd better get hair growing though, otherwise I'll have to knit her a little tail cover before winter comes!

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