10 August, 2011

Bye bye Grandma

 Those 3 weeks just flew by!  We had lots of fun with Grandma around.  Ella, in particular, is missing having a special friend to talk to and play with all day.

Oscar caught the train in with her to Grand Central to help her onto the bus to the airport.  Such a long way to go after that.  She won't even be back in Australia yet.  Grandma, when you read this, we hope your trip back was uneventful!!  Thanks for coming all that way to visit us.  We love you!!!!


  1. Ive never seen Grandmas hair so curly!!! Glad you guys had a good time with her.

  2. Goodness, Georgia! Did you photoshop pockmarks and a moustache on my face?!! Tell them I really didn't look like that!!!
    Thanks for a great time!

  3. i was going to say the same as Chelsea...i cant believe how lovely Lyn looks with curly hair ..it looks so healthy too..must have been all that summer sun!!!!!..did she get a perm while she was with you??? Glad you all had fun...can i come next please??????


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