26 July, 2011

Spending our days

We are enjoying the break in the hot weather. YesterdayI was finally able to get up the ladder and use my rotten wood repair kit (which i cannot recommend enough- see last post if you are interested), before the heavens opened and we were forced to find other indoor occupations for the rest of the day.
We showed grandma how to play wii fit.
We did some after dinner planking. (as you do)

I cracked open one of our precious packets of Tim tams to much excitement

And we played "whoonu", a very fun game where other people have to guess your favourite things....then you have to put them in order. Remi struggled to work out which of these was his favourite... If you can't read it it says "4th of july" for the fireworks, "the window seat", and "sneakers". Talk about insight into a 15 year old boy's mind!

The kids have also been playing lots of scrabble with grandma. Today we'll do a bit more sight seeing, some more work on the house and maybe some more games...
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  1. I consider Yowie flicking a far superior after dinner activity and much more suitable for three generation involvement.

    Dad on Maggie's computer

  2. It sounds like you're having a lot os summer fun, that's great! Enjoy! mum xxx

  3. I love Whonuu, we have that game. OUr Wii fit gets used less and less now, a bit of a fad.... but I do love tennis, thats fun! Grandma will be loving all the board games...x Chels


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