24 July, 2011

It's been hot!

Our days have been spent showing grandma around VT and cooling off- in the river (where g'ma and I sat in the current cooling off) and around at a friend's pond pool. I keep forgetting to take my camera with me, but I did get a few photos at the pond pool.

This is a man made natural pond, fed by the river. There are little fish in it, frogs, salamanders and little crayfish, known in Australia as "yabbies". We discovered them as they nipped our feet a few times. So then the kids decided they were going to catch some to eat. Remi, of course, was the best at catching them. It was fun to watch him revert from his 15 year old self back to being exactly how he was when he was 5.

We caught 18, but when we got home, Ella set the smallest one free in the river...she wasn't very happy about eating them and said they were her friends. Hmmm maybe a while before we can raise our own meat....

They were tasty little morsels. But here is the pond...

It belongs to the realtor who sold us this house, and she has the most gorgeous house and barn and land and garden.

Today, finally feels like the last of the really hot weather. I haven't done any work on the house for the last few days, and I'm feeling summer and all that I had to get done slipping away from me. But I will have to get up the ladder tomorrow and work on using this stuff:
on all the rotten wood around the windows before I can even start to paint. We had so many leaks last year that I don't want to go even one more winter without repairing what I can.

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  1. We've been making use of our neighbor's pond too, in this heat. Nice to have generous neighbors. I love your blog. Found it from Soulemama. Love all the things you make. Cheers!



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