28 June, 2011

Survival tactics

1. When dog gets sprayed by skunk- tomato juice all over.
(and keep one spare jar of tomato juice for yourself...I love a good Virgin Mary)
Unfortunately this hasn't worked entirely and I still get wafts- she needs a damn good swim or something before we put her in the car with us for the 3 1/2 hour trip up to VT when we next go.

2. Knit. And knit and knit and knit and knit...all the while listening to A Game of Thrones on audio book. [ Matt made me watch this series with him on HBO as he's a fan of the books. The excessive nudity/soft porn really annoyed me and I spent most of the series having no idea what was going on and who was who and how they were related. Much easier with the tapes- and better than reading, because I can knit.]
I am loving how much I am learning with this blanket. The leaf border is especially gorgeous. Unfortunately, I have run out of wool, so I'm not sure when I will be able to do some more- I think I have one more ball up in VT... (BTW Dad, surely I win with this!)
3. Become a Victorian Mother (how I love that phrase!). We did chore lists last year, and they kind of worked-better than anything else I've tried. The kids say they actually prefer it this way, as they know exactly what they have to do. I have 4 chore lists, they each have one for a week and then we rotate. I only started on Monday (I only had the energy to revive them on Sunday) and it's taking some a little longer to get into them than others (Go Ella, Shame Remi), but hopefully it will help everyone.
4. When all else fails, a game of words with friends with the Oscar and Remi (a scrabble app) is always fun.


  1. That is a beautiful piece of knitting - yes I'm at 6.45 am working on Festival of Voices, but it's great cause I see your posts first! Is this a commissioned piece, or for yourself? I've lost track? My knitting I started 2 years ago is sitting in the bag that I've at least pulled out of the cupboard and is waiting, waiting....Astrid rang from England last night and sends her love to you.

    love mum xxx

  2. i feel so bad Georgia...i havent been able to comment on your blog...i have been reading it...something has been wrong with my computer and good old Dave fixed it for me just tonight before they left to go back home to Hobart...hope you are feeling much better after your surgery...never got to smell a skunk while we were in USA..well done Ella...(have i forgotten any posts???) i adore the knitted blanket ..are you taking orders???(for real i mean it...i have a lady who wants me to find someone to knit her baby grandson a keepsake baby blanket)... so good to be able to talk to you again...even if it is blog talk

  3. ohhhh my I remember the night I opened the back door and there was a skunk looking at me! freaked out! A smell all of its own! Blanket is beautiful....x


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