01 July, 2011

Ghosts of holidays past

A year ago today I arrived in the UK for one of my favourite holidays ever.  And with everything going on in my life right now, I feel the ghost of this holiday past haunting me.

 I know I have shared all these photos a few times before, but they are really for me and for Maggie, who showed me the wonder and beauty of her lovely St. Davids.

Ella and I had a similar experience a few months ago when one morning she started asking me questions about our trip to Norway that we did.  3 short days of just her (a little 1st grader back then) and me.  When we started looking at photos and talking about it we realised that it was the same weekend 4 years earlier that we had gone.  Those really special holidays that you have, the ones that feed your soul, they never leave you.


  1. lovely...my trip around NSW which ended up in Beechworth brought back similarly lovely memories of all my Beechworth holidays, memories are wonderful, if so much easier now we have digital cameras...

  2. no way ...that cannot be a WHOLE YEAR AGO.... i know we say "time flies fast as we get older" but that is too ridiculous ...
    Oh well you have those wonderful memeories to relive...just dont go getting "old Timers" disease...ha ha

  3. a year ago today, George, we climbed Carn Llidi.


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