23 June, 2011


Firstly, our "graduate", miss Ella who now moves on to the world of middle school. It was 12 years ago that Oscar started school, and I have loved having my kids in elementary/primary school wherever we have lived. I will miss it. Ella made Matt a father's day hat, and I was thinking that it may be the last school made gift that we get. Definitely the end of an era.
Secondly, the world's happiest, cuddliest, chattiest cat was waiting for us up in VT. Our neighbours had been feeding her and popping in to keep her company, but she was still oh so very pleased to see us. (we all decided to go up this weekend)
There was yummy food cooked outdoors, although because of thunderstorms eaten indoors. Then fires and smores and singing with the neighbours.
And painting, of course. From barn red to....hmm still not sure about this colour. It's supposed to be Mid day mocha by glidden, but I had it made up in a different paint at the local (who doesn't sell glidden) and I'm not sure they got it quite right. To me it looks a little pink. But is still makes a HUGE difference to how light and airy that room feels. I haven't done the end wall yet, and you can feel that red sucking in all the light. Where as this colour opens up the room and feels warm and inviting. We also got rid of one of the broken corner couches, so now the room feels bigger. The other couch is still hideously ugly, so has to be covered in blankets.
And then we had to come back down for Monday- for my surgery. Apparently, when the surgeon took it out, the right side of my thyroid had grown so that it was bigger than a golf ball. Just saying, imagine how big the hole had to be to get that out. Here's me before in my sexy pre op gown
And here's me after feeling pretty crappy (as you can tell by the look on Ella's face).
Slowly recovering. Lots of very stiff neck muscles and what feels like a killer sore throat (from the tube they put in during surgery). No doubt it will take a bit longer before I'm back to normal (although it's been such a long time since I've felt normal -I am looking forward to rediscovering it).


  1. Oh, you poor love, it will take a while for your throat to be normal but at least it's better out. I'm glad you've got summer hols ahead, and won't have to be doing so much racing around. And Ella!! I can't believe it - she'll be a teenager soon, she's really growing up.

    Lots of love and have a lovely weekend healing up in Vermont. Just what the Dr ordered. mum xxxx

  2. ohhh you poor thing.... tubes down throats doesnt sound nice...so was your neck poking out with the lump? hope it heaps beautifully...

  3. Looking pretty idyllic. Not the hospital ones though... Very brave to post them!
    Maggie XXXX


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