16 June, 2011

a CATch up!

I have to share these amazing lilies that a friend sent me last week. They almost don't look real. Gorgeous.

And speaking of lilies...this naughty pussy cat decided to hide again on Sunday night when we were about to leave VT for home. We turned the house upside down trying to find her- lifting up furniture, checking behind and under everything. We thought she must have got out, but our trusty neighbours (who are feeding her for us this week) said she came out to see them as soon as they walked in the door. Oh that cat!
These photos are from when we were doing Ella's "where's the tardis" photo shoot- she is most put out that she didn't win, although 47 years of doctor who episodes to watch (the prize) sounds like a commitment!
And not only did I not take any photos up in VT this weekend, I forgot to give the camera to Matt when he went to Massachusetts to watch Oscar in the u17 state championships. His team didn't win, but the u19 boys (including 5 boys from his school team) did.
Oh, and I found a photo of Ella in her jazz costume from her dance recital... (for the grandparents)
And I've been looking at colours today to paint the barn room on the inside. While I have to paint all the outside of the house this summer, there will be days when it rains, so I need inside painting jobs too. I've had enough of the barn red and orange pine look. I want to go for something lighter and more neutral. I would have loved to have been able to limewash all the wood, but that would mean sanding back all that red, so it looks like I'll have to paint. This room is freezing in the winter, so it needs something warm.
We are winding up here this week- the older boys have had "finals" this week which has meant they've spent more time at home than at school. They don't seem too worried about them either. None of the stress (although I used to love it) of preparing for exams that were worth 50% of your over all grade like I had at school. Remi told me that even if he failed his bio exam today, he'd still get a B+. Surely that takes a bit of the incentive out of it...or is it just my kids?

Ella has her "graduation" ceremony from 5th grade tomorrow. I'm taking her and her best friend up to the middle school this afternoon to have a personal guided tour with Kit showing them around. And then it's a half day on Friday and we're done for another year. Holy cow! Where does that time go?

Matt has to take the kids up to VT this weekend to get the CAT! I'm planning to have a day in the city with a friend. Although now I have some paint samples, I'm itching to get them on the walls...may have to give that job to one of the kids...hmmm. Then on Monday, I have my surgery to remove half my thyroid and will spend the rest of the week recovering and gaining some strength to tackle all my summer jobs in VT. I am hoping that this will be exactly what I need to get back to feeling normal again.


  1. While in the big smoke please visit Metropolitan Museum and tell me all about Richard Serra's exhibition... 2000 words please, and I'll get it marked perhaps your first unit of your Visual Arts course.
    oh and the Whitney for Cory Arcangel another 2000

  2. I think the puddy cat wants to live in Vermont. She's very gorgeous looking, with thick fur. Young Pinkle has almost gone into hibernation here with all the frosty nights.

    You have been very busy, but it's probably best so you don't think too much about the surgery.

    Thanks for the lovely photo of Ella - she's looking very tall nowadays. Have a lovely day in the city,

    love mum

  3. half you thyroid! wowzers! Hope it all goes well. xoxo loved the catch up


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