25 June, 2011


It's been raining here nearly all week. Not an auspicious start to the summer hols. And I don't just mean drizzling. No, proper dark in the middle of the day, heavens opening, thunderstorms. There's a leak in Ella's ceiling, mushrooms growing everywhere, including the basement and the cardboard of the cereal boxes just feels damp. Needless to say, with me resting up in bed and the kids being left to their own devices for a week (and a rule of no tv during the day), it's been a bit cabin feverish around here. Although Ella, bless her cotton socks, has been very crafty this week.

I made the decision not to go up to VT this weekend. I know myself too well, and there are too many temptations for me not to rest up there. I've had too much time this week thinking about all the jobs that need doing not to get up there and want to get stuck in. So resting it is...for a few more days at least.

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  1. well you get the kids to do all the house work, you should be doing art, art is a tremendous releaf(like that spelling, very arty somehow) from being crook.
    Dad, from Beechworth, after arting in Hay, Booligal, Leeton Germain, Junee, Wagga Wagga, Crookwell, Goulburn and Queanbeyan...and thinking about all the art that now has to be produced.
    if still waiting for Matt to explain to me why they don't use the ex resevoir in Central Park for water sports.

  2. Does this mean you're home alone? If so, enjoy. If not, do as your father tells you.


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