16 May, 2011


I may have mentioned that we are super huge Doctor Who fans in this house. Saturday night is Doctor Who night, Sunday morning it's reading the Guardian's Doctor Who blog and trying to untangle the convoluted plots of the Steven Moffat era. ( Not sure how I feel about how complicated things have got...but that's a WHOLE other post. No, Really, don't get me started).

Any hoo (Ella's asking me when I'm going to start the real story), months ago miss Ella saw an add on TV for a TARDIS building competition. The idea was to build an unusual TARDIS and put it somewhere interesting, upload photos and then it's the whole "like" on facebook thing (don't get me started on THAT, either). She has been desperate to do it - collected TARDIS shaped boxes etc and planned it out. But, she always ran out of time, or left boxes in VT, until today when she finally made her TARDIS. AND THEN, we found out the competition finishes today so I had to show the photos here, because they are really cool and I want EVERYONE to vote for her.

The Doctor (David Tennant Doctor of course) has travelled to some far off planets in his TARDIS....

Aren't they cool? So make sure you check out the entries and "like" them if you have a facebook account HERE .The title of her entry is "Slime Lord TARDIS". I'm not sure when voting ends, so spread the word in case it is tonight.

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  1. I voted for you Ella! Love the yellow spacey colour in the photo. There are some good ones - liked the fish fingers and custard - very creative- but I hope you win Ella,

    love nan


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