15 May, 2011


I have a confession to make...when I was a teenager I was massively into American teen romance books (back in the day before all the teen books were about vampires), like Sweet Valley High and the Sweet Dreams romance series. And it was all about dates and proms and this whole foreign world to me. I have to say that reading these books was what inspired me in the first place to become an exchange student (although I went to Norway where it WAS a whole foreign world), and I did go on to study and major in proper English Literature at University.
But you can imagine how exciting it was for me to help Oscar prepare for his first prom. At their school they have a junior and senior mixed prom, so he gets to do it all again next year.
Fortunately he fit into Matt's tux, and he scrubbed up pretty well. Although his shirt wasn't ironed as my iron broke RIGHT as he was getting dressed. Thank goodness for dryers.

So before they went off to the prom, we all met at someone's country club for drinks and nibbles and lots of photo taking. There were probably about 60 kids invited to this pre prom do, and there were similar things happening everywhere.
This was his sweet date, Chelsea, a senior, and they're not "together", just friends.
Some of the rugby boys.
Some of the rugby boys with dates. This kind of photo taking went on for hours...reminded me of my wedding. I think this little sister (who turned up in dress and heels) couldn't understand why no one was making a fuss of her.

The paparazzi...seriously, these poor kids stood there for a good half hour while the parents snapped. Not sure quite why when all those photos end up on facebook anyway.
I prefer the candid shots anyway...
After that, they all went off in a massive coach to the prom, and then to sleep over parties afterwards.

Matt and I knew some other parents who were also members of the club, so we stayed there with them and had dinner.

And, after a very restful day yesterday, the boys are off (in the rain) to play their final league game of rugby for the season. If they win this, they win the league. I'm kind of glad I'm not going- too stressful, and wet. It's in New Jersey and they need our mini van seats to help transport boys.


  1. WOW!!!! Oscar looks so handsome and grown up. How exciting for you all. I hope he had a wonderful time - I'm sure he did. I love the little pink girl in the photo trying evry trick in the book to get attention - very funny.

    Thanks for the photos as they are gorgeous.


  2. What a handsome and dashing young man!
    When I was an exchange student in the US, I got to experience this exotic and very American thing, with my extreme 80s hairdo and glittering dress (less is more? I don't think so)

  3. so big so big so big! where did all that time go?! You look dashing Osc!


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