17 May, 2011

fluting and singing

This time of year, so many of my posts are for family to keep in touch with what the kids are doing. Last night was Ella's spring music concert...she played flute and sang in the choir. Here's so pics...Ella has always had the most amazing frown- here she is trying to see where I am sitting.

I think she may have been stifling a yawn here... not merely looking angelic.

All this week we have photo taking for dance and martial arts. So stay tuned for more...

Oh and the boys won their rugby on Sunday which meant they were undefeated for the season. So that's half the family over the moon.
And speaking of moons...voting is still on for Ella's TARDIS competition entry...keep it coming. She was up to 35 votes this morning- yep, she checks it at least 5 times a day.


  1. Ella you look so gorgeous, what a talented girl you are! nanxx

  2. just caught up with your last 5 posts... love the corsarge, the facial expressions at the footy and the concert...and spring cant come fast enough for me ...i am inspired to sew now i have a space.


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