09 May, 2011


I have been spoiled today. Here it is mother's day...if it is also in Australia, then I apologize to my mother, stepmother and grandmother- I lose track of these made up holidays and which ones coincide in which countries. I was given a lovely bracelet made by Ella (who I can always count on to make me feel special), was cooked a lovely breakfast, got to sit in the morning sun and read my book, got to go to the gym where I had a good work out (my thyroid thing screws with my body and there are many days I just can't work out and oh, how I miss it), came home to a lovely lunch of fish tacos which we sat outside to eat, then had a foot bath/mani/pedi courtesy of Ella while having a glass or two of champagne, also outside. Doesn't get much better than this.

Yesterday we had the school fair which meant a day of working on doughnut decorating, face painting and tattooing (non permanent)...always a long and exhausting day. But oh how nice to be caught in the throes of spring, to be outside sharing the days with family and community.

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