24 May, 2011

As promised...

Not as many photos as I'd hoped as we had some costume delays for dance, and then I had other places to be, BUT here are some from last week:

On Wednesday we did her make up for her jazz photos only to discover that her costumes still hadn't arrived...
On Thursday she and Kit had their ballet photos- a quick one before class started.

And onn Friday Ella went to a town wide party for all the 5th graders from the 5 different schools. She came home looking like this...

It's piranhas chasing gold fish.
We then had the end of season Rugby party at the beach.

On Saturday Matt and I went to a friend's 50th birthday and came home with a Japanese fighting fish (as you do). They had put some in vases of flowers and were giving them away at the end. His name is sometimes Kamikazi (at least if you ask Kit) and they think it's great.

Last week was a tough one for me. Still going through testing for my thyroid lump, and suffering from my thyroid being underactive. Makes life very difficult when I'm so tired and short of breath and depressed (yes all symptoms). And added to that, my shingles has decided that now would be a good time to come visit. BLAH. I get it in my ear, on the same side of my head as my enlarged thyroid, so I am feeling a bit elephant manish at the moment. Just taking each day as it comes, usually with a nap and lots of knitting. We've also had at least 9 days straight of rain, so it makes it easy to justify taking it slow. This week I'm conserving my energy (and taking medication for the shingles) in preparation for probably my last ever "field trip" with any of the kids. And it's a biggie. We leave at 7:30 am and get back at 5pm (traffic permitting). I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. That's great face painting Ella. I thought it was a snake, but Piranah chasing gold fish makes sense!

    Have a terrific field trip on Friday guys

    mum xx

  2. oh George, that sucks... you must be run down, you poor thing. You need a break. But its hard to see when hey! Dave has been away for a week and a bit, 4 days to go. Hate it when he is away... Get better soon xoxoxo

  3. Ella you look so pretty!

  4. and Kit, I love telling people my nephew is a ballet dancer, Im so proud!


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