18 April, 2011


We've had a lovely long weekend up here. Friday, the weather was gorgeous, so we went for a walk up on the mountain behind us.

Looking over at one of the other ski mountains, which still have snow although the season is over.

Honey, Rem and Ella

This is the kind of VT farm house that Matt and I dream of owning one day.

We stopped to say hello to the horses.

When we got home, we decided the weather was so nice that we should do some yard work. Remi went up the tree with a saw to attack this huge dead tree which is in the yard. He was up there for an hour or so sawing off enormous dead branches.

While we collected dead plant stems and picked up sticks that were all over the ground.

As far as we can tell, every VT house has a bonfire pile...we were just doing as the locals do

The was a lot of standing back and watching while Remi brought down branches. Here he is attacking the biggest one of all...

It took a while...

Then, timberrrrrrrrrrr.......

Still a lot of wood to come down, but at least some of the branches are down.

This gave Matt the excuse to get a chain saw (something he's wanted for a long time), to cut all those branches into logs to add to our wood pile from when the professionals brought down the dead tree that was hanging ov the house last year.

Of course, as this house doesn't have a fireplace (I know!), we had to get a fire pit. Of course the moment we did this, the weather turned wintery again and we were sitting out there in the wind and snow and hail...

But there is still something so good about a fire.

Yesterday the weather was pretty yucky too, I went for a run in the morning, and did a bit of work in the bathroom before we went to visit some friends. Then Matt took the car and drove back down to civilization to work this week. We'll see him again at the end of the week. Means we're stuck with out a car this week, but after so many years of not being able to drive, it really doesn't worry me. The boys may drive me nuts if they persist with telling me that they can't find anything to do, but I've told them that there's plenty of jobs to do around the house if they get too bored....

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  1. love it! Love that there are jobs to do and no where to go! Bliss, enjoy your week... we have a week off school starting Friday...

  2. Thanks George - love the full Vermonty.
    Maggie XXXX


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