15 April, 2011

C'est fini!

A week of having this mat on the lounge room floor and sewing it together any spare moment I had... but we're going up to VT tonight for the week (kids have spring break), so I decided that this was big enough... Loving it and can't wait to see it on my white bathroom floor.

Honey wanted to help model it.
And Oscar was helping.

Today I went to watch the 5th graders do a wonderful presentation on the history of rock and roll. I am always happy to see cross curricular units- the kids sang songs, played songs on instruments, danced, researched history and culture, did power point presentations and presented "grammy" awards. Ella and her friend, Maggie, had researched Woodstock. (that's not the ghost of Michael Jackson in the corner there...looks pretty creepy).
The whole thing went for an hour and a half and was really well done. You can see the kids were pleased with themselves at the end by the big grins.
Especially proud of this little ponky who can be extremely shy at times.


  1. I see a new profession in rug tying for you! Awesome! Show us picks in the new bathroom! Wish there were videos to watch of your performance Ella! How fun. Hattie has gastro today. YUmo!

  2. Love the Woodstock t shirt, and Oscar's insouciance. I'd love to know what they said about Woodstock. I realised the other day that the 1970s now are what 1920s were to me as a child. What an incredible century! And I was there for half of it...
    The rug is amazing - a staggering amount of work. It may be a little unnerving having a bath or going to the loo in Honey's unwavering presence...
    Maggie XXXX

  3. good job Ella...quite the star...
    Love the rag rug and cant wait to see it on the bathroom floor
    Love that honey has taken her spot on the rug too...she appreciates it thats for sure.

  4. I'm curious as to what Ella and her friends made of Woodstock - it all seems a bit tame now, but it was pretty wild in it's time!

    Oscar is so handsome! Love the rug, and can't wait to see the picture. I think Honey thinks it's hers.
    mum xx


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