21 April, 2011

Bathroom blitz

So I have been hard at work the last few days, not only working on the finishing touches of my bathroom, but also working on the small bathroom the kids use.

This is an internal room, and it was so dark. Yellow wallpaper and the trim and ceiling painted with a colour somewhere between butter yellow and green. A faux antique hand painted curlycue cabinet and a heavily ornate (and heavy) gold framed mirror went with the hand painted sink to make an overly fussy and dark room. The photo below looks much better than the real thing!

So, the wallpaper came off, the many many holes in the walls were patched, the trim and ceiling painted with a semi gloss white (and suddenly the room was so much brighter) and the walls primed. I did get a bit stuck with the colour to begin with...I wanted to use up some of the paint that we already had as it's not a big room. The floor is dark brown (terribly badly installed stone tiles), so I wasn't really sure. But after a number of tester spots, I decided to go with the same blue as in my bathroom- it's so bright and light and crisp, and it looks really nice.

Unfortunately the commode and the sink are both a butterscotch yellow colour, but I just had work with those. I painted the cabinet with the same denimy blue colour that I mixed up for the boy's room, installed new silver towel rails and put in a loo roll holder, and that free mirror from the dump found a new home. Under the mirror is a hole in the wall where there was or was going to be a medicine cabinet...not sure what to do with that, so for now the mirror is just going back on top.

The sink...

And to top it off, I put up two photos Oscar took of the Eiffel tower when he went to Paris 4 years ago...they're kind of abstract, and the light is gorgeous.

And my bathroom is finished...trim up, vents painted, floor painted with a second coat and the alcove between the bathroom and our bedroom painted. I even did a little detailing of the old fire vent in the wall.

These photos were taken tonight, so the light's not great (plus it's rained ALL week), but during the day, this room is so beautiful and filled with light.

And the rug...looks at home and is perfect for this room. In all honesty, this white floor gets dirty quickly, so the more rugs the better! But it's pretty.

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  1. Off to Goolwa with Bronny, Corinne and Heather tomorrow - back next Wednesday. Have a Happy Easter - hope hope the Easter Bunny finds you and rewards all your hard work. And hope the Ester Burglar does not find you...Honey, take note.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Your best blog title ever.

  3. holy moley, its brilliant! Well done George. You are so clever. x Chels (staying at Mum's)


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