02 April, 2011

This week

ALL I have done this week is work on this blanket. I feel so compelled to complete it as I had told the woman I'm doing if for that I'd have it done in March (ah hem!). It is 131 rows- it takes me from 9 until 2 of continual crocheting to do about 12 rows. YEP! I have one row left and then a border which will take me a while too. I hope I can call her next week. Oscar keeps telling me how ugly it is- I know, NOT my choice of colours- I'm taking it off another blanket which I was asked to repair, but every time I pulled apart a row, the wool just fell apart. So it's been done from scratch.
And a photo of Ella and Shelby (or Shella and Elby as I accidently called them last night). They had their all town chorus (choir) performance at the highschool, where they combined all the elementary schools.


  1. Great photo of Shella and Elby. Hope the blanket is finished and the lady thrilled with its uncanny resemblance to the original.

  2. those two look like they might get into a little mischief together some time soon!!!! such angelic little faces....
    the rug looks like a huge task almost completed... i am sure you will be so glad to turn it over at the end of the week...with a huge sigh of relief too....but even though it is not my cup of tea...i know she will love waht you have done in completely redoing the whole thing...well done


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