31 March, 2011


[I sometimes think I should "tweet". But this forum is enough for me.] But I had to share a little thing I witnessed today: I was looking out the window and I could see Honey (the dog) sitting outside and Lilly (the cat) rubbing herself up against Honey. I stood there watching with a silly grin on my face thinking that the moment I ran to get a camera they would stop having cuddles. But they went on like that, rubbing up against each other, for about 10 minutes. It made me think that humans can't be that bad animals have changed their behaviour to that because of us. It was so sweet.


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  2. Surely your phone takes photos as well, they (your photos) don't all have to be masterpieces.

  3. Nope. My phone barely works. Cn't get photos from my phone to computer and I barely even use it.


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