05 April, 2011

Playing with eggs

Inspired by, but not trying to copy, Pysanky Eggs (aren't they amazing?!), I thought I'd have a play with eggs this morning. I tried to use masking fluid, painting it on, and do a dye resist, but that didn't work AT ALL. So I'm using water colours and bleed proof white paint instead. I dyed some of the eggs first.
Oh, and they are only boiled, not blown, but that's ok. I may varnish them to make them last a little longer... Lots of fun and nice change from crocheting - I'm done done DONE with the blanket and it was picked up this morning. PHEW!


  1. OMG they're gorgeous. I want some! Can you come over and show me how to do them?! Mind you I am not a natural artist like you so mine wouldn't look so nice.

    Hope you're all well .........

  2. WOW!!!!
    And the blanket lady's reaction? Did she love it?

  3. very painted, very flash, but have you done any pelican eggs...I could probably use them...love
    Dad, oh and watch my blog for something rather different a bit later today


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