05 April, 2011

More eggs

Ok, these are addictive. Won't last long as when I tried to varnish them it washed off the water colours...hmmm, not so smart after all. But I like how the blue ones LOOK like they've been done with wax resist.
But pretty, no?

And that blue dye led to some dying of wool (of course) too, so it was a good day.
And, Yes the blanket lady was very happy, although she's just the fixer...she's going to call me to let me know how the man who it belonged to reacts.


  1. good ones, if I didn't have enough on my plate so to speak might even try a bit of competition.

  2. the girls are about to blow their eggs and then next week will make some like yours. We love them!

  3. thats Chels on Darbys account!

  4. Wish I could comission some from you!


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