11 April, 2011

Home again

My idea of a "relaxing" weekend...lots of painting and wallpaper stripping. Sigh. I do actually love it. SO, these outdoor photos are courtesy of Ella....

The weather was so lovely, the kids spent most of the time outside...exploring and playing in the tree.
While I finally finished stripping all that wallpaper in the bathroom, painting over the grey white with a white white, painting the wall that was stripped, and sanding, priming and painting the floor white...first coat. It will definitely take at least one more coat to cover that cream and white checkered floor. It has a week to seal, before another coat, and then I'll polyurethane coat it as well. Some sneaky peakies through the doors, as the floor was still very wet.

And some more Ella photography...tonight's sun set at home in CT and some proof that spring is really truly here at last.


  1. Beautiful photos, Ella. I would love to be at that tumbling river. And the bathroom is looking good, George - I am amazed that the tiles covered so well.

  2. lovely blog, everything Maggie said is correct, of course.

  3. Well done Ella, I love the reflection of the sun on the water looking like jewels. The bathroom looks great, George

    Nan xxx

  4. Bathroom looking great there Georgia...soon more pics we are actually moving in on the 20th April..finished or not..i am so over waiting ..i, like you, just want to put my own stamp on this new house (blame myself for any mistakes and not fix everyone elses he he)... Tell Ella she has done an amazing photo shoot too.


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