09 April, 2011

Greetings from my house

I can't begin to describe how happy I feel having come up to our VT house. It's been a whole month since we were last here, but standing in th kitchen making dinner I said to Ella that it felt like I'd never left. she gets that, she loves it up here. Just Ella, Kit and I came up-- the boys have rugby match on Sunday...bit tasteless really as they are "the blue wave" playing against a
Japanese school...

Kit managed to break our iPod car player right as we re about to start listening to our usual doctor who audio book, so we had to talk the whole way. And we hit a massive traffic jam caused by an accident so it took us an hour longer than usual.
BUT, so worth it. I had a very stressful week last week...for a while I've had an enlarged thyroid and it got worse last week...hurts to swallow and my voice has got all croaky...sounded like a six pack a day smoker by the end of our 4 hour car trip. I have to have an ultra sound next week and we will go from there. So coming up here really feels like an escape from it all...being able to read in the tub, sit up and watch a movie with the kids, it just feels so CHILLED. And It was so nice to arrive here while it was still light and not have snow all the way up to the house.
Tomorrow I will work on the bathroom, but also dying to get out and take some photos of the changed season around here.

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  1. Hope you have a good weekend after all that... what is the plan? Surely not merely enjoying yourselves...I can reccomend drawing pelicans for relaxation, or work for that matter.

  2. so hanging out for those postcard picture pics when you get out and about after that relaxing bath and movie... hope that all goes well with the throat scan on the thyroid Georgia....

  3. Have a lovely lovely relaxing rest.

    mum xxxx


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