29 March, 2011

Goldilocks the artist

Last night I rag curled Ella's hair...
She's so taken with it and has been tossing her curls around all day and jumping up and down to feel them bounce. I had been making a new doona/duvet cover for Oscar and had lots of little strips of fabric left over.
And while I was doing my sewing over the weekend, Ella was busy making this year's entry into the school art competition. The theme was "the beach". I love it. She used plasticine, felt, papier mache, paper and pillow stuffing for the fluffy clouds.
Another weekend where we didn't go up to the VT house (for various reasons)- I think I must be missing it as I've been dreaming about renovations. Not sure if we'll go up this weekend- Remi wants to celebrate his 15th birthday on Saturday (it's on the following Tuesday) by going into NY city with his friends. I love that he sees that as a right of passage. And I'm feeling very sentimental about him turning 15 as he is at a memorial service tonight for a boy who was in his cross country team who died on Friday night at age 14. It's hit the community hard. Even though I didn't know the boy, I had to work at the school today and watching the grief of the other kids has made me feel very emotional today.


  1. A lovely blog, Ella's hair looks great, as does her art work...how many generations of artists are there going to be.
    And as for Remi Mars...hanging out in the big apple for his 15...well I might try it for my 65th? 70th?...have a good one Rem

  2. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  3. I love a girl with curly hair!!!! And is that a groovy Welsh cap I see in the background??? The beach art is fabulous - would look very nice next to Remi's pelicans... And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY REM!!!!! 15. Unbelievable.
    Maggie XXXX

  4. Wow Ella's hair is so long, even with the gorgeous curls and it must be even longer when it's out straight. You'll be able to sit on it soon Ella. And you're shaping up to be a lttle artist like your mum! Your man looks very happy there under the palm tree - I'd like to join him.

    So sad about the 14 year old. I gather he wasn't a close friend of Remi's but I guess everyone at the school knew him.

    I'll try and catch Remi on the phone for a birthday call
    mum xxxx

  5. love those rag curls... so much fun... fabulous enrty there Ella ...Good Luck with your entry...if i was the judge you would get a first from me...


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