04 October, 2015

So it goes

In the interests of keeping this blog alive, here's a bit of a round up from the last few weeks.
 If you've seen it in the news; the haze has been horrendous.  My poor pups have been walked maybe 2 times in the last month! It seems like forever since we've seen blue sky.  Some days are better than others, but it can change in just an hour from being ok to being "unhealthy" or "hazardous".
Our shortcut to the MRT station
 This lovely lady and her daughter came and stayed for 2 nights on their way to Bali.  I'm so lucky to have met Em online years ago, and find out (in one of those quirks of my life) that she knew 2 of my brother in laws.   Then she moved to NH; an hours drive from our house in VT and I get to see her when I go home...my Aussie friend in New England.  Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to have just a few days on her Soulful Escape to Bali trips.  Unfortunately these just don't coincide with when we have school holidays at our school...but I was so happy to have her and Ivy stay for just 2 nights.
 We spent a day exploring Arab St and Little India..

 We stopped for some henna (I'm so in love with this on my foot!)
 Ivy and Ella- their birthdays are a week apart, and they did the caving camp over summer together.  And apparently they dress the same.
 Love this girl.

 Last Saturday, Matt and I went to a MUSE concert which was fabulous.  3rd time for me, and I'd see them again in a flash.
 I'm working on some set designs for the music department's production of Mulan.  I love the way these transperancies look over the original ink calligraphy that I did (yeah, I know- what do I know about that!) .  Old school layering.
 Here's my image I'm working on for our screen printing after school CCA.  4 layers...can't wait to print this.
 Meanwhile, at home, I've been on a bit of a stitched bowl blitz...hand stitching...
 And machine stitching...
 The machine stitching one required a trip into the heartlands of Singapore with Matt to buy a new machine...
 I call her "Bertha" after "Big Boobied Bertha" from the How to Train your Dragon series.
 And so began the weekend rope bowl frenzy.


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  2. They're beautiful bowls, Georgia. Round and round and round... on the sewing machine - I feel dizzy! The hand-sew one is lovely too.


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