14 September, 2015

Things of a creative nature

I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment- as it always tends to happen.  Above is the beginnings of a new art piece that I'm working on.  I bundled up the paper tiles I made to keep them flat and I really liked how they looked like that.  Below is a series of other makings I have going on at the moment...
I bought myself a little fixed weaving loom a few weeks ago and I have discovered a new creative outlet!
I'm loving how my dyed and spun wool from a few years ago comes out woven.
I'm glad I got a picture of the green one, as the dogs got into it!
Another with my wool.

We had a long weekend this weekend due to Singapore election day so I used my time wisely and moved my studio upstairs to Remi's old room/the man cave/Max our border who has just moved out's room.  This room has lovely light and when the boys were up here they kept the curtains closed for gaming.  I liked my little studio downstairs, but it was always so dark.  Matt was still in London, so I dangled some money in front of Kit and Ella and got them to help me.
 I love love LOVE this room.

 I also hung my latest artwork and moved this lovely indian block print that used to be in my studio.
 And it was a good weekend to be inside due to this: HAZE.  It's been bad lately.  And it's only because the wind is blowing it this way... in Indonesia it must be like this a lot.
 And a gratuitous photo of 4 of my babies...
 We have a no dogs on the couch rule...this is how the kids try to bend it!


  1. Actually it is a couple of Dad comments: Siss wanted to know why there wasn't another rescue dog yet? I looked at your studio and thought "must be planning a fairly substantial stay in Singapore".

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