04 September, 2015

A room of my very own

This year I have my own art room- as in ONE art room to myself.  And I'm loving it.  
 I got to choose the room at the end of last year, and I chose to move out of one of my classrooms into this one because it is full of cupboards.  The organiser in me loves it! It's a big room, but kind of a weird shape, so it's been interesting to get it to function.
 These photos were taken a few weeks ago and I am slowly adding more.
 Thankfully our timetable this year is brilliant and I have big blocks of free time, as well as 80 minute classes.  The difference between this year and last is AMAZING.
 I'm also teaching only all of 5th grade (9 classes) and five 4th grade classes.  It means I can really focus on those grade levels and I'm really happy about that.

 A favourite corner of my room in the mornings.  I now have this "garden" all the way along my windows.  I made it with my 1st and KG2s last year.
 Big blocks of time also mean that I've got time to make posters; to think about what I want on my walls and m kids to focus on.
 And my cupboards mean I have a surface I can actually stick things up on as we are not allowed to put anything on the walls (thank goodness for cupboard doors and windows!).

Here's some Art based PYP Transdisciplinary theme posters I made up.

I can't wait to have some student work to share.  I started me first units this week.  Grade 5 are going to be looking at symbolism in art and to start them off I made a modified Pictionary game that we played (and they loved).  Grade 4s are looking at colour and we began this week with an "art room challenge" where they had to make glasses/visors using pipe cleaners and cellophane.  Next week they have to wear them while they draw to see what happens to their colour choices.

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