20 April, 2015


So, we had a week of Spring break and we went for our annual trip to Tassie.  This time it was a bit special as we were spending some time with both the big boys and house hunting (more on that in the next post).  

Our flight to Tassie from Melbourne was a bit exciting as there was a film crew and Dev Patel (slum dog millionaire) flying down to film a movie that Nicole Kidman is in (she wasn't on our plane).

The flight into Hobart is always spectacular as the plane gets nice and low and the view is amazing.

We went straight from the airport to pick up the boys and went to Salamanca market for a wander. It was so lovely to see all my kids together again.  Even if an attempt at a photo created the usual shenanigans.

We got there in the end...

Ella got herself a unicorn hat.  An awesome hat.

Remi really seemed to miss us.  His first time away from home, and it was so good to see him settling into uni really well.

We went straight to a house viewing after that, and liked the place so much that we made an offer on it the following day.  It was in Sandy Bay, and we loved the idea of having a house near all this.

our hire truck

 Rainbow coke cans...
 We stayed with Matt's brother and family and I love their family motto.
 They live a fair way out of Hobart, but it's a pretty nice drive.

 On Sunday, after a visit to the real-estate agent (that house wasn't to be as they didn't accept our offer) we met up with my Mum, brother and niece and had lunch then drove up to the top of Mount Wellington.  Ella still calls it "Windy mountain" after a trip there when she was little and this trip it lived up to her name.

 It was freezing and windy but still amazes me how spectacular the view is up there.


Mum hid in the viewing centre as it was just too cold.

Kit tried to prove his Viking blood and strip off to his t-shirt.
Oh those clouds!
 There's some fantastic things going on in Tassie with refurbishing old buildings for new purposes in really sympathetic ways.

 We met Oscar for lunch and walked from the docks to Salamanca.
Superb location for an fine art school.

These big cruise ships come in for 1 night and then leave.
Looking back up to Mount Wellington.

We spent a morning up at new Norfolk and discovered the fantastic Drill Hall where I could have spent SO MUCH MONEY, but only bought a Turkish rug that I will share at some point.

 We also investigated some other quirky places
This was a full Victorian doll house with a teenage room in the attic!
I thought these heads were really creepy until it was pointed out to me that they are doctor Who heads.
Ella loved how these pianola rolls looked like wands from Harry Potter
 Quirky cafe with AMAZING cakes

 We had lots of dinners with our boys- as many as we could manage.
 Love these two so much and miss having them around.
 Oscar and Ella wanted a photo together to show how their legs are the same length even though their heights are totally different.  That's my long legged girl.
 On Friday we said goodbye to Matt's brother's family; and my gorgeous lovely, so lucky to have her, sis in law who is also one of my best friends.

 We spent time with my wonderful Grandmother (my last surviving grandparent)
 I love and adore and respect this woman so much.
We went up to see my dad and step mum on the east coast.  We had a bbq lunch, cracked out the martial arts weapons and attempted to remove a hills hoist (as you do).

 And when the sun started going down (and it became suitably freezing) we went to the beach so Kit could have a swim.
 I will never tire of looking at the backdrop of Maria Island.

 And while I love the East coast....
Sun reflecting off Dad's window
 ....The Sunset driving back west was pretty phenomenal.
 Back to Hobart in time for a last dinner with our lovelies.

 A good trip, but not long enough...up next, our house.

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