20 April, 2015

Our New House

So, we really liked the first place we put in an offer, but after most of our week in Tassie they came back and wanted more than the original asking price.  We said, no thanks, and kept looking.  

We'd driven past this place a few times and when I emailed the agent (I did a few others) and he replied, I actually couldn't remember which house it was.

I love this location.  It's actually 5 minutes walking distance from the crappy rental we are paying for our boys to live in right now (above a bar with barely a kitchen).
 It's around 1880s, a big brick terrace; following photos off the listing page.

Sunroom off one of the bedrooms; perfect studio space for an art student.

 A shared back yard with some fabulous views.

Only wish they were leaving this pew 

photo I took of the back yard.
Solar panels (9 months of free electricity)

There's too much carpet, and it's all a bit beige at the moment, but it's a good solid house, with some lovely period features really close to the centre of Hobart.  Not only will it suit our kids living here, but it is a place I would happily move into if ever our lives turn that way...

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  1. Georgia I think it looks fabulous and I'D LOVE to move into it!!! You definitely need some carpet in these winter months in Hobart- do the boys have a vacuum cleaner? Very exciting mum xxx


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