29 January, 2015

out and about, this and that.

If there is one thing that my little pup has really done for me it is that I am getting out every day and exploring my neighborhood in Singapore.  Being the world's smallest "border collie" she is EXCEEDINGLY energetic; and a 5 km power walk when I get home from work barely dents her energy level and before long she's running laps around the lounge room again.  We did an 8 km walk on the weekend and even though she was turning around to go home at about the 5 km mark, she still had the energy to chase poor Loki around all afternoon when we got home.  

Anyway, some photos from my walks.  My dad is always asking me about "the real Singapore" and I think that lately I have been catching glimpses of it:

This, to me, is everything that Singapore really is right now: old, new, and construction.

I am such a sucker for the old "colonial" Singapore, and where we live, we are in the "medical hub" of Singapore.  For now, that includes many old buildings: the infectious diseases unit, the skin condition unit, the tuberculosis unit etc.  I am a little in love with these old colonial buildings with the grounds, the space.  Not for long though; construction is all around and towers are appearing right next to these places. It is quite fascinating to watch.
This is my new favorite place to walk with Meeka.  It's by a canal which only has water in it when it rains, but it's a fantastic "park connector" path with people riding bikes, walking, running, pushing prams etc.  Feels like a real community.
This is the most lovely old colonial building right next door to a Burmese Buddhist temple that we walk past.
From our roof top, we only see all the high rise.  The treasures are there, you just have to dig; walk down at street level and off the main drags.
A wonderful floor in a converted building: we went to a baby one month coming out party there last weekend
not just a pile of rubbish: the little black splodge to the right of that box is a little black street kitten we often see on our walk.  Ella has named him charcoal, and we try to leave some food for him.  He is always rummaging amongst the rubbish bins for food. 

 Some other recent photos: from the Australian school where Ella had her last touch rugby game of the season.

My girl with her short blond hair: number 3
 Some random Loki photos I found on my phone: this cat has a seriously gorgeous face.

 An art journal page (which reminds me that I need to buy the new Frankie magazine).  Seriously Frankie inspires my art journal pages!  I cut out some images I like, paste them in and then later I fill them out.  I really love doing this.
 And though it seems like MONTHS ago, it was only 2 weeks ago that my big boys left me....  They had a few days here on there way back through from the US to Tassie.  Here's Ella and Oscar (6 foot tall) measuring their hips against each other.  Ella is not yet my hight of 5 foot 6 and yet her legs are almost the same length as his!

 And the time Ella and I went to the cat cafe:

 And a reluctant last family "selfie together".
 This is a great cafe which is on Meeka and my walking route.
 No walks this week as Meeka was spayed on Tuesday...I can take her out again on Saturday.  Matt's headed down to Tassie tonight to spend some time with the boys.  I have to wait until April to see them again...I miss them TERRIBLY.


  1. Blog when you can - it's always worth waiting for. Lovely to see 3/4 of your boys over the weekend. They're all gorgeous. And I swear that's Marmy alive and living at the cat cafe.

  2. I had read this before but hadn't got around to a comment. It's been great to see Oscar & Remi again. And I look forward to seeing you and Ella in April. I LOVE Ella's new hair style. mum xxx


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