27 January, 2015

Grade 5

 At the end of my first week back at school, I was able to start putting up my 5th graders work that they have produced at the end of their observational drawing unit.  Remember the dead fish in the classroom?
 They had a number of choices about how they wanted to show how they were influenced by their drawings in a final projects.  It could be 2D or 3D.
 I'm very proud of their work.  I love how varied it is and the amount of work they put into it all.
 They had to write "artist statements" showing how they were inspired by their drawings.

This display took me 3 hours of work to put up.  A labour of love!
 Hanging the mobiles was probably the biggest challenge!

I loved doing this unit.  While it was very hectic doing so many different projects at once I think the kids are really happy with their work.

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