07 November, 2014

Something Fishy

Grade 5 students are doing a unit on observational drawing of organic form right now.  I'm loving it.  I'm so glad we chose to do this with them.  It's really allowed for discovery both artistically and scientifically.
My work
My sketch book 
I've been buying Cacti, peacock feathers, fish and fruit for them to draw, we also have shells and this lovely lotus pod that one of my students brought in (I want one!)

 Any other artists out there, please feel free to use the previous photos as you wish.

It's certainly caught the interest of the majority of students.  I've also provided magnifying glasses, and opportunities for the kids who struggle with drawing to still get involved by providing leaves for rubbing etc.  I'm bringing Oscar into school with me today and I'll get the fish back out of the freezer for one more go....  One of the other art teachers photocopied them the other day, so I'll be making copies of those too.

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  1. May have a go at a couple of them after I finish my geometric practice. Please tell Oscar he didn't miss much at the honours and third year exhibition...mind you must remember that my taste and preferences in art very much do not line up with what uni lecturers etc actually want.


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